Basic Questions About Our Sterilization Rolls

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Bottom web: Sterimed Medical Grade Paper: Basic weight 60 gsm / 70 gsm ± 5%

Top web: Tinted Green / Non colored transparent film Thickness 50µm ± 5% (made of 12µm PET + 35µm CPP + 3µm Super Glue)

Method of Sterilization: Steam, E.T.O. - not for gamma-raysor plasma-Sterilization!

Which Type of Heat Sealer Device Is Suitable to

Work With?

Sudemed sterilization rolls and pouches are suitable to workwith two types of closing devices as rotary and impulse heat sealer. However, we recommend working ith rotary sealerdevice to achieve the best sterilization result.

Sealing Heat Selection:

As Sudemed, we advice the sealing temperature should be in the range of 130°- 165°C. The optimal closing temperature may vary depending on the type of pressure set up and closing device.

If you wish to apply a rating other than the one we have specified,please contact the

device manufacturer and us.

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